Digital Wellbeing

Amiko Digital Health Limited
Amiko Digital Health Limited (UK)
Amiko develops digital care solutions for patients with chronic respiratory conditions. The device-plus-platform solution combines sensor technology with smart monitoring for personalized medication management.
CEO: Duilio Macchi
BLITAB Technology Ltd.
BLITAB Technology Ltd. (Austria)
BLITAB® is the world’s first Braille tablet device that creates tactile Braille and graphics for blind and visually impaired people in real-time by using small physical bubbles instead of a screen display, thereby improving the social wellbeing and digital inclusion.
CEO: Kristina Tsvetanova
Breaking Free Online Limited
Breaking Free Online Limited (UK)
Breaking Free offers a digital healthcare platform targeted at addictive behaviour. It gives those people affected access to a wide range of evidence-based interventions and equips them with a powerful toolkit of recovery resources.
CEO: Jonathan Ward
Dermtest OÜ
Dermtest OÜ (Estonia)
Dermtest helps people to get fast access to skin-cancer early detection by providing their nearest family doctors with a system to send images and anamnesis of a nevus to a dermatologist for remote evaluation.
CEO: Priit Kruus
Movendos (Finland)
Movendos provides an online coaching platform that enables health and wellness professionals to offer personalised, holistic online coaching driving long-term engagement and reducing costs.
CEO: Arto Leppisaari
MyMoodlandMe Limited
MyMoodlandMe Limited (Ireland)
MyMoodandMe offers a comprehensive online corporate wellbeing programme that includes various aspects of personal wellbeing such as physical movement, nourishment, mindfulness, CBT, positive psychology, one to one sessions and interactive webinars.
CEO: Richard Murphy
Nudjed (UK)
Nudjed specialises in workplace health and wellbeing solutions providing a platform that analyses and motivates users to make health and wellbeing programmes more effective.
CEO: Warren Fauvel
Qompium NV
Qompium NV (Belgium)
Qompium’s application FibriCheck detects cardiovascular arrhythmia's via a smartphone app. Patients only have to place their finger for 60 seconds on the camera of their smartphone to detect the pulse waveform.
CEO: Lars Grieten
Return2Play Ltd
Return2Play Ltd (UK)
Return2Play is an electronic concussion education and management system, which facilitates the correct execution of concussion guidelines in schools and clubs and thus ensures a safe return of players who have suffered a concussion.
CEO: Nick Somers

Digital Industry


3dTrust (France)
3dTrust aims to support companies to better integrate 3D printing into their operations by providing a digital network ensuring the protection of intellectual property and guaranteeing the traceability of the printed parts.
CEO: Alexandre Guerin

Exipple Studio

Exipple Studio (Spain)
Exipple Studio’s Artificial Intelligence Platform ‘Gestoos’ uses a machine learning mechanism to detect people's behaviour and gestures. Customers can create products that understand human behaviour in specific contexts and enable gestural interactions with physical objects.
CEO: Germán Dario León Osorio

Immersight (Germany)
Immersight offers a 3D-Showroom-Software and so-called Room Glasses® that enable companies to create virtual exhibitions and let potential customers virtually step into individually designed showrooms. 

CEO: Fabian K.O. Weiss

MishiPay (UK)
MishiPay allows in-store shoppers to scan the barcode of any product in enabled stores and then pay for it within the phone itself without needing to queue or wait at any checkpoint or till.
CEO: Mustafa Khanwala


Prodsmart (Portugal)
Prodsmart is a real-time information system that analyses production lines and job shops in real-time and turns any production plant into a digital smart factory.
CEO: Gonçalo Fortes


ProGlove (Germany)
ProGlove is a smart glove that combines wearable high-technology and the “Internet of Things” to make manual work in manufacturing and logistics more efficient.
CEO: Thomas Kirchner


Shipwallet (Sweden)
Shipwallet aggregates available shipping services into one platform, providing a customized shipping experience and better options through an algorithm that automatically suggests the very best option for specific consumers.
CEO: Piotr Zaleski

Singularity Insight

Singularity Insight (France)
Singularity Insight’s smart glasses technology Expert Teleportation enablesspecialists to see a situation through a technician's eyes without the need to be physically present while offering remote guidance.
CEO: Frédéric Pedro

Digital Cities

ADN Context-Aware Mobile Solutions
ADN Context-Aware Mobile Solutions (Spain)
GlobalBLED provides professional drivers with real-time recommendations for eco-efficient and safe driving via an on-board sensor technology, which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and maintenance costs for fleet operators.
CEO: Abel Rionda Rodríguez
BeeRides Car Sharing
BeeRides Car Sharing (Hungary)
BeeRides is an airport peer-to-peer car sharing company that connects people who want to park their car at the airport with those who want to rent one. Car owners get the chance to rent out their vehicle with full insurance coverage.
CEO: Botond A. Bosze
Civocracy (Germany)
Civocracy is a B2B online platform that aims to enable meaningful interaction between societal stakeholders such as local governments, organizations, citizens and
businesses in order to foster participation, collaboration and transparency.
CEO: Benjamin Snow
ForCity (France)
ForCity offers a collaborative platform where public authorities and project owners can visualise and combine their plans for city infrastructures in 3D to simulate their ideas for the city of the future.
CEO: François Grosse
Green City Solutions
Green City Solutions (Germany)
Green City Solutions created the CityTree, a freestanding 4x3 m unit combing smart sensors with real plants. The construction has the same effect as up to 275 regular urban trees, but requires 99% less space and 90% less investment.
CEO: Dénes Honus
Motion Tag
Motion Tag (Germany)
MotionTag is a transport analytics tool for smartphone apps that identifies where, when and how users travel. Use cases include market research, be-in/be-out smartphone ticketing, smart travel assistance and location- and context-sensitive marketing.
CEO: Stephan Leppler
Qucit (France)
Qucit provides a technology based on artificial intelligence to analyse urban data and produce recommendations. Their solutions predict the availability of shared resources such as rental bikes or parking space.
CEO: Raphaël Cherrier
SAMOCAT (France)
SAMOCAT is a kick scooter rental system comprised of compact docks and rental kick scooters that are available via smartphone app.
CEO: Polina Mikhaylova
Telesto Technologies
Telesto Technologies (Greece)
Telesto Technologies offers an application based on satellite navigation, Bluetooth and WiFi systems to locate visitors inside facilities. In case of emergencies, it provides visitors and safety authorities with relevant information and supports a safe evacuation.
CEO: Dimitris K. Drakoulis

Digital Finance

Axyon AI
Axyon AI (Italy)
The Axyon Platform is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) environment that provides faster and easier Deep Learning models development for data-driven businesses without requiring any coding.
CEO: Giacomo Barigazzi
CopSonic (France)
CopSonic is a technology that enables communication between intelligent electronic devices and all mobile phones through sound waves to interact and transmit data.
CEO: Emmanuel Ruiz
Cuvva (UK)
Cuvva offers a new type of car insurance. People who borrow a car from friends or family can use the mobile application to book a car insurance for a short period of time starting from a single hour to a whole day.
CEO: Freddy Macnamara
KASKO offers direct integration for online marketplaces and booking platforms to businesses that want to cross-sell or provide additional service through a web application or API that operates within their own workflows.
CEO: Nikolaus Suehr
Quantoz Technology B.V.
Quantoz Technology B.V. (Netherlands)
The Quasar Digital Cash Solution provides the infrastructure for instant payment and transaction settlement between enterprises, people and the Internet of Things while being compliant with regulations.
CEO: Gaston Hendriks
Sedicii Innovations
Sedicii Innovations (Ireland)
Sedicii eliminates the transmission, storage and exposure of identity data during an authentication or identity verification process. This allows for the secure consumption of digital services in a privacy-preserving manner.
CEO: Rob Leslie
Shopbox (Denmark)
Shopbox is a cloud-based mobile point of sale system for easy and efficient shop management. It combines a counter, inventory management, expenses tracking as well as analytics, reporting and detailed customer transaction history.
CEO: Christian Zigler
Darwinex (UK)
Darwinex is an online marketplace that pairs skilled traders with active investors - complying with FCA (UK) regulation. Trading strategies are packed into DARWINs, a proprietary asset comparable to actively managed ETFs that investing customers can purchase.
CEO: Juan Colón

Digital Infrastructure

3antS Development & Strategies SL
3antS Development & Strategies SL (Spain)
3antS’ technology detects and eliminates illegal uses of online intellectual property. It follows pirated content and goods online as a crawler, automatically geo-locating them and forcing their withdrawal.
CEO: Javier Capilla
AOIFE has developed the Cognitive Hotspot™ Technology (CHT) that enhances the spectral efficiency of WiFi systems and increases its performance, while reducing interference levels and power consumption.
CEO: José González Garrido
Ellexus Ltd
Ellexus Ltd (UK)
Ellexus’ tool Mistral provides engineers with insights into how their big data storage clusters are working, allowing them to multiply productivity and save millions on wasted engineering time.
CEO: Rosemary Francis
Enigmedia (Spain)
Enigmedia provides a platform with dynamic secure access points. The efficient lightweight encryption and authentication solution secures any real-time communication such as calls, video calls and instant messaging on any device.
CEO: Gerard Vidal
Evo-Connect (Germany)
Evo-Connect has developed a plug&play-server which sets up a cyber secure environment for SMUs, freelancers and private households. Customers are able to use the cloud functions globally with every web browser in a secure environment without IT know-how.
CEO: Johannes Schwelberger
IPlytics GmbH
IPlytics GmbH (Germany)
IPlytics offers a market intelligence tool (IPlytics Platform) to analyse technology trends, market developments and a company’s competitive position. Their IP Analytics software equips companies of any industry with intelligence for strategic business decision-making.
CEO: Tim Pohlmann
Streamr Oy (Finland)
Streamr provides a cloud-based platform that enables companies to create micro-services for processing incoming streaming data in real-time. The process is simple: Data flows in, gets processed as a service, and actions or visualizations come out.
CEO: Nikke Nylund
TeskaLabs (UK)
TeskaLabs offers a comprehensive application security technology for mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) that help businesses to prevent cyber attacks via their own applications.
CEO: Ales Teska
VChain Technology
VChain Technology (UK)
VChain connects each individual to a digital identity as unique as their DNA - the world's first fully de-personalised, blockchain-secured, unhackable, patent-pending enabling technology powering 7Billion global identities.
CEO: Irra Ariella Khi
WeSmart (Belgium)
WeSmart is a collaborative IoT data platform that remotely collects, aggregates and analyses data from a wide variety of devices in order to advise and engage users to effectively implement green solutions such as energy efficiency and air quality control.
CEO: Francois Bordes

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