ARISE Europe Business Innovation

Pitching Day for startups, December 2015
EIT Digital Accelerator expert in action, October 2015
Facing Founders Issues Workshop, October 2015

The ARISE Europe program carries out business innovation projects with its local partners, bringing together investors, startups and SMEs. We provide them the framework for collaboration with EIT Digital and its partners in order to create value through: 

  • Co-branded activities for ecosystem stimulation;
  • Joint support to boost technology projects, startups and scaleups at the European level; 
  • High-quality mentoring, market access & fundraising opportunities;

Partner Benefits  

  • Connect to EIT Digital’s  EU-wide partnership and innovation ecosystem  
  • Improve the services to your ecosystem and boost the acceleration of your startups and scaleups by working together with EIT Digital's experts - mentors, business developers, access to finance experts, business communities 
  • Gain higher visibility at the European level by connecting to EIT Digital’s innovation and education activities
  • Extend and strengthen your local ecosystem by jointly mobilizing, attracting and involving new stakeholders 
  • Be fully empowered thanks to a strong co-funding mechanism of joint activities

Current Innovation Centre Partners

  • BGI in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Inits in Vienna, Austria
  • RubixLab in Bratislava, Slovakia 
  • ABC in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Startup Wise Guys in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Found.ation in Athens, Greece

    What we accomplished in 2015

    In 2015, together with those six Innovation Centres, the ARISE Europe program:

    • Scouted 90 European startups. Out of them, nine were selected to meet EIT Digital Accelerator
    • Organized several co-branded events in the relevant regions in order to jointly mobilize local stakeholders and motivate them to connect with the ARISE Europe

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